Is quite interesting, similar to Google’s Instant answers which I believe used to be based off some form of linked data similar to wikidata.

No surprise Google outperforms this system. Some queries that Google gets but this fails (and not due to missing data in wikidata)

  1. who is the wife of the prime minister of singapore — Wikidata definitely has this information, but you must name the prime minister by name
  2. who is the wife of donald trump — Google names all 3 , but wikidata only names Melania Trump and Marla Maples — Not sure why since wikidata has all 3 of them
  3. how tall is donald trump — your system just says Donald trump. Even changing it to “height of donald trump” — it gives 2 heights one in inch , one in cm without indicating

On the plus side it out performs google in some searches….

A Librarian from Singapore Management University. Into social media, bibliometrics, library technology and above all libraries.

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