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A Librarian from Singapore Management University. Into social media, bibliometrics, library technology and above all libraries.
Some Discovery Citation Indexes in 2020

Research Rabbit

What is Research Rabbit?

ResearchRabbit has been a tool that has been in beta for a while. Until recently, access to it was limited via an invite system, but this changed last week and anyone can now try it. But what is it?

  1. scite visualization trees and scite reference check
  2. Semantic Scholar improves cited by screen
  3. More citation mapping tools — Connected Papers , Local Citation Network , Cocites , Papergraph
  4. 2D Search expands…

1. Semantic Scholar is enhanced with Microsoft academic graph data and now covers more than just Computer Science and Life Sciences. JISC CORE has done the same with MAG, Crossref, Pubmed.

Why consider Semantic Scholar as your search tool

Semantic Scholar has the name denotes, tries to use Machine Learning to derive semantic…

Aaron Tay

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